Frequently Asked Questions



What is the Columbia Undergraduate Research Journal?

The Columbia Undergraduate Research Journal, or CURJ, is an open-access, undergraduate-run research publication which curates and promotes distinctive interdisciplinary research conducted at the undergraduate level from all fields of study. CURJ also seeks to highlight research that draws disparate fields together in multi-faceted yet comprehensive investigations, encouraging cross-disciplinary connections and discussions. Our editorial team is composed of passionate, hardworking Columbia University undergraduates who are dedicated to working with researchers from everywhere in the world in an effort to help them showcase their impressive research both on its own and in its greater academic context.


How are articles chosen for publication?

While the CURJ appreciates all of the submissions we encounter, we operate on high standards with regards to the publication of research. First and foremost, we emphasize academic integrity and professionalism in not only the work that we receive, but also our own editors’ interactions with our authors. Submissions are scrutinized on multiple levels for academic dishonesty and our editors are disciplined and well-trained in their interactions with both authors and other outside institutions. Secondly, as an interdisciplinary journal, we are committed to showcasing submissions that present interesting and creative intersections between different areas of study. However, submissions which are firmly situated in one discipline may still be considered for publication on the basis of the research having wide-ranging, cross-disciplinary implications. Finally, we value uniqueness in subject matter and creativity in thinking during the review process, as well as the standard tenets of quality of research and the ability to communicate in one’s submission. In general, we value inclusivity more than exclusivity, as we are firm believers that fundamental research of all types has merit associated with it.


How often does the CURJ publish?

The CURJ publishes twice a year, our Fall edition coming out in December and our Spring edition in May. However, to keep our readers involved throughout the year, we host in-person panels and guest lecturers who conduct research centered on the promotion of interdisciplinary fields.


What is the CURJ’s publication schedule?

For the Fall publication cycle, the CURJ will begin its call for papers between the months of September and November, contacting institutions around the world to alert their undergraduates that we will be taking submissions for the next round of publication. In November the CURJ assembles its team of editors to begin the  review process of its submissions. By late November, the editorial team will contact the authors of all of the submissions with the results of the review process, namely whether or not their work has been approved to be included into the journal, onto our website as a featured article, or not approved for publication. Once we hear back from the authors, they will be assigned editorial teams to work with them on improving the quality and appearance of their submission until late November. The final manuscript of the journal will then be published online to our website.

For the Spring publication cycle, the general series of events is rather similar, beginning with a call for papers initiating at the end of December until early February. Then, our editorial team is assembled for a review process in mid to late February, and immediately getting back to the authors about whether or not their work would be published by the CURJ. From then until early May, the authors will work with their editorial teams to perfect their submissions up until publication in mid to late May on our website.


Who is eligible to submit?

The CURJ prides itself on being one of the most open undergraduate publications in the country, accepting submissions not only from our own Columbia neighborhood, but also from undergraduates around the globe. We feel that this adds another dimension to the diversity that our journal already exudes from its interdisciplinary nature, and expands our mission of fostering undergraduate research on to an international level.



I am an undergraduate at Columbia and I am interested in CURJ. How can I get involved?

Send us an email! We are always looking for driven, hard-working students to join our team.